Find Instrument Parameter To Automate

Something that has started to annoy me lately is this situation: I want to automate an instrument using the automation device. The names of the parameters in the list are not very informative, and there are a lot of them. So I choose one which might be right, try moving it in the instrument, choose another one etc until I find the right one.

I have a vague memory of reading about a tool that shows the last moved parameter of an instrument. Did such a tool ever exist?

If not how do other Renoisers deal with this?

Searchbox helps a lot imo, for example put in cut,lfo, dec, att or res etc etcetera and most of the times you’ll get results. If not I tend to not use those plugins, making sure they do have informative parameter descriptions, or simple enough that I don’t have to crawl through 1000s of entries.

Dunno about the tool you’re speaking off, but there is a toggle next to the searchbox which, when enabled, shows only automated parameters.

A non-destructive renaming option would be nice to have imo for those kind of uninformative plug parameters.

As discussed previous times a Learn mode for the Automation Device would make this even easier, even if all parameters are just called parameter1, parameter2, parameter3… parameterxxx as I have seen in the past.

Damn, I missed that “would”, and started up instrument automation in hopes of spotting that learn button or something. :angry:

Yeah, learn mode would definitely help. FL Studio has the “last tweaked parameter” thingy that helps identify the parameter you’re after.