Find Sample In Sample Editor, A Faster Way?


when I load one of my home made renoise instrument I use alot of time finding the single samples if I have to tune them or turn on sync.

When I am in the instrument editor I can see what key the sample I would like to edit is, but I have to select it(stand on it) for to edit it, is ther a faster way ?

in the sampke deitor I can jump up and down in the instrument list using + and - , is there a key command for this in the sample list, I cant find it :unsure:

by sample list I mean the number 2 list/browser in the upper right corner of Renoise, what is this called an are there som key commands ?


Anyone got an idea ? not sure what to call the thing ?!?

No there is currently not a way to control the sample-list with shortcuts as the focus is set to instruments currently.
This can sometimes be a bit of a problem for many.

No doubt this will be improved in the future.