Find Similar Samples


I haven’t been here in a while so i am not really up to date on the forum.
I will install the rss feed on my phone so i wont miss any.

My idea is like the title says. Everybody has lots of gigs of samples and i know not
everybody sorts them out. I got loads of shitty samples in there and when i, for example,
want to try a new kick or snare in a track i am working on i have to go thru 10.000+ crappy
samples. It would be nice if there was an option to let renoise find similar samples.
It could look for similar tuning / attack / sustain / decay. This will be great for drums i think :).

Let me hear what you guys think of this :). Or maybe there already is a way to do this, I was out
for like almost a year…

Have a good day and thanks for reading.

I don’t understand why would one need so much samples.
All you need are some real drum sounds, drum machine sounds, old breaks and a decent synth. Now, you can create your own samples by using leering and resampling. The number of possible variants has no limits.

Not something you want to wait a couple of coffee cups with coffee for, because that would require quite some waiting time to analyse all those samples.
At least i would rather sort them out and place them in proper categorized folders.
Eventually no machine-code can beat your own ears when it regards to taste.