"~Find Tool Updates..." work? | Update versions

(Raul (ulneiz)) #1

It seems that the latest modification of the renoise.com website regarding the tools has affected the operation of the “~ Find Tool Updates” tool.
@Taktik, can you fix this? Or are you waiting to update the web of www.renoise.com?

On the other hand, would it be possible to change the way of showing the versions in the web tools section?

I do not know if I’m doing something wrong, but it seems that it is only possible to upload a single version of the tool for each version of Renoise. Does this work like this? Renoise is updated very few times. But the tools can have many updates…

(taktik) #2

Should work again.

(Raul (ulneiz)) #3

It seems that there is still some error. Tested in several tools:

Another typical error:

…nid=859 Reason: Tool many redirects detected. (tested with my RandomRangeTrack tool)

(taktik) #4

Oh, downloads too. Sorry, forgot that. Should work now as well…

(Raul (ulneiz)) #5

Thanks! Now it seems that the tool does not work correctly:

I think this happens when trying to update any tool…

I should notify Mr. Marvin?

(taktik) #6

I think that’s an old, already fixed bug. Do you have a locally installed (and probably old) Tool Updater tool installed? Then please delete or disable it, so that the bundled one is used. You can see which tool is bundled and which is locally installed in the Renoise tool browser.

(Raul (ulneiz)) #7

I use the Tool Updater V6. Is it a old version?

Edit: I will check the installed package. It is possible that you are using the same version (V6), but with the bug still uncorrected. In theory, if there is a correction, it should be another version.

It seems that in the main PC I have an “old” V6 version that fails and in the laptop I have the version that V6 works correctly.

If I still have problems I will notify you here … Thank you!