Finding directories

Can we change the color of a folder or put a star by it to make it easier to find in a future update. thank you

I have made a Windows application for that.


Create a list of all directories on selected disk[s] with the List… button or with GoDir /L
(run GoDir as administrator to create the list properly).
Run “GoDir last part of directory/folder name as search pattern” to
Open the directory (if only 1 result is found)
Display a list of first results to open (if multiple results are found) to open with 1 click.
Godir Windows
will open your Windows directory (always because that is a hardcoded prrreset to always display your Windows folder)
after creating a list of directories/folders in GoDir (run as administrator for creating the list).

Optionally, put GoDir and the GODIR.LST list in your Windows directory, so you can access Godir via the Windows+R run command dialog.