Finding Drum Loop Samples


Yes I’ve looked in the sticky sample/vsti thread. I’m looking for drum n bass/break samples similar to what Venetian Snares uses. Nothing like these hyper produced modern drum n bass CD’s that you see now. After trawling through the sample thread I still can’t find what I’m looking for. Stuff similar to the amen break, not overly produced d n b stuff, I guess stuff like the Hospitality EP by VS would be the best description, even 54 Cymru Beats by Aphex as well, and the boxenergy4 remix…

any pointers would be greatly appreciated!

Hey :) You should try to look up the renoise IRC-Channel because there is a link to 500 Drumloops :)

Wow… but: what is the copyright/licensing status of that sample pack? Couldn’t find anything about that on the webpage?

I would say that if you’re not selling your music, sampling from ‘illegal’ sources is okay if you credit. Google Phatso and go to phatso’s free and funky drum loops which has damn near every old funk break known to man.

When you grab a couple of loops, just chop them up and ‘overproduce’ them yourself to your liking. :D

Claim to be timbaland :)

Check out ScratchBeat Oldskool DnB - Original Mix by peabird on Beatport

Johann: with any breakbeat… chances are it’s illegal even if you bought it from somewhere. I’m pretty sure that sample CDs you buy online don’t legally clear the samples before selling them to you at cost. The pack linked to in the renoise channel was created by someone named “101 Breaks” and linked to on many DnB forums … and if you can contact him, I’m sure he will tell you the same.

----- Unless you clear use from the original author, it’s illegal. -----

This, however, does not stop most of the music industry. James Brown never got a cent of royalties for the use of Funky Drummer… and it’s the (second to amen?) most sampled break in history. Will that stop people from using it? Nope. Will that stop shops from selling it as their own? Nope. Does the fact that you got it off of a “Legal” sample CD you bought make it legal to use? Hell no.

Just so you know, the samples in the 101 breaks collection are all named with the original artist’s name and the track it was originally featured in. This should help you pursue rights for legal use. ;)

Oh, and here’s the link to the collection:
101 Breaks(510mb):

Thanks for the info :)

From an Amiga demo I saw on youtube today: “We didn’t have time to ask the owner of the picture for permission, we will try next time. But if we don’t get permission we would have used it anyway” :lol:

Still, I still think it’s much nicer if you “more or less” own everything or at least can name the sources, especially if you really care a lot about the stuff you genuinely came up with (melody, lyrics etc.). I try to separate the two as good as I can. Of course you cannot really know where this or that snare sample came from, I think with such basic bits it really doesn’t matter… plus if you mangle something less basic so much that you don’t get caught, I think you put enough of your creativity into it to “earn” your use of it.

But if I really like a drumloop, I try to rebuild it. I never even come close, but I usually come up with something that is way more funky than it would have been if I just had built a beat without anything to go by.

Dont worry so much. nothing happens if you sample some drum hits. People do it all the time. If you will worry about every bit of sound to be 100% legal then you will never get a tune done :)

But to answer the original question: Yap, you have to sample a break from some old funk record (or download original (unprocessed) break sample from Internet) and process it yourself. Just start messing with it, apply some distortion, EQ, filters, compression, layer it with some other sample etc etc etc (countless options) and shape a sound you want. This is how they (your favorite producers) do it… There is no magic, really :) And by the time you are done the sample is processed beyond recognition :D and no copyright law will get to you ;)

they’re breaks man.
pretty much public domain at this point.

… I’m just looking for the line between the EVAL Timbaland and this …

Basically for what i’ve read there’s only a few (read: none) artists that create the beats from scratch (read: without abusing from amen)!?

Strange, i’m figuring out that it’s better to go uncreative than to crack your head figuring out how to create things for yourself.

But it’s fine. The percussion lesson is learned now…

…what about those mad distorted basslines that never seem to “drown” the rest of the song, are they ripped among artists as well? :)

Well, i’m sorry the sarcasm but i’m quite tired of trying to produce using the usual methods. I usually end up being told how to do things the same way over and over again.

Any tips!? :)

I do make my own beats, or atleast chop drumloops up very much and rearrange them. from there it’s only a small step to adding/exchanging single drumsounds, and voila, you made your own loop.
point is that it’s very hard to get the groovey feeling of a real played loop when doing it in renoise with single samples.

and the line between eval timburlund and this is simply :

take the break of james browns “funky drummer”, chop it up, throw it around so it fits your own composition and say “right” if someone asks if this is the “funky drummer” (and at this point make a note that you need to work more on that so people don’t realize it this instantly)


sample the amazing 2-bar guitar-lick intro of that song, add some fx, run around claiming “I DID IT !” and act like a total idiot when someone points out that this is a james brown song.

about the bass : I have stopped using sampled bass-sounds ages ago, they tend to sound horrible when pitched up and down. take a vsti (there are great freeware ones out there, as you know) and really start to know it.

harakiri : it’s not a mistake to learn “the works” first, that’s whats called “practicing”. from there you can go and do really unique stuff. question is if you have to release every “practice” you made. But honestly, I still sit down and try to recreate certain effects/ideas I hear in other peoples music, just to know how they do it and take it to my own direction from there on. Heck, some time ago I just sat down and tried to do some “trance”-music just for the sake of it (I never even saved those songs, so don’t bother asking trancefish :) ) but the fact is that now I suddenly have ideas on how to incorporate a trancegate in my music, it’s a fun little effect if used right and I learned some stuff about those morphing glossy pads which might be handy in the future.
If you learn an instrument you will start by playing easy and known basslines, you can’t just freak out from start doing your own original stuff. But you don’t do this on a stage infront of people who paid for it. (Unless you are in a cover-band.) Get my drift ? :)

WWW.BREAKBEAT-PARADISE.COM has gigs of breakbeats for free download. It has samples grouped in genre, im sure its got what your looking for.

I understand what you mean, still, i’m into this for two years and i must admit that i’ve learned a lot of techniques, but, the truth is that there are producers who manage to get “killer sounds” (read: thumbing bassdrums, sick leads, loud and crisp basslines) while others just limit to wait and scavenger some of their work by sampling or copying the same methods. (when they can of course)

I’ve always wanted to know how to create things from scratch but i’m getting the more confused everytime someone comes with a suggestion…

I know that all the people want to be helpfull and they strive for the same reasons but sometimes is trully frustrating that it seems so easy for some and so hard for others…

Just my 2 cents…

Take care! :)

the idea that people never create their own beats without breaks is kinda silly… many of my beats are 100% pure BYTE-Smasher… I use Drumatic a shitload, and I have a large single hit drum sample collection

that is the problem with every form of art and dealing with it is just one part of being an artist. I am serious.

The late 90’s were good to me :)

[19:10:23]$ ls -R   
000 080 100 120 140 160 180  
001.wav 003.wav 005.wav 007.wav 009.wav 011.wav 013.wav 015.wav 017.wav 019.wav  
002.wav 004.wav 006.wav 008.wav 010.wav 012.wav 014.wav 016.wav 018.wav  
001.wav 012.wav 023.wav 034.wav 045.wav 056.wav 067.wav 078.wav 089.wav 100.wav 111.wav 122.wav 133.wav  
002.wav 013.wav 024.wav 035.wav 046.wav 057.wav 068.wav 079.wav 090.wav 101.wav 112.wav 123.wav 134.wav  
003.wav 014.wav 025.wav 036.wav 047.wav 058.wav 069.wav 080.wav 091.wav 102.wav 113.wav 124.wav 135.wav  
004.wav 015.wav 026.wav 037.wav 048.wav 059.wav 070.wav 081.wav 092.wav 103.wav 114.wav 125.wav 136.wav  
005.wav 016.wav 027.wav 038.wav 049.wav 060.wav 071.wav 082.wav 093.wav 104.wav 115.wav 126.wav 137.wav  
006.wav 017.wav 028.wav 039.wav 050.wav 061.wav 072.wav 083.wav 094.wav 105.wav 116.wav 127.wav 138.wav  
007.wav 018.wav 029.wav 040.wav 051.wav 062.wav 073.wav 084.wav 095.wav 106.wav 117.wav 128.wav 139.wav  
008.wav 019.wav 030.wav 041.wav 052.wav 063.wav 074.wav 085.wav 096.wav 107.wav 118.wav 129.wav 140.wav  
009.wav 020.wav 031.wav 042.wav 053.wav 064.wav 075.wav 086.wav 097.wav 108.wav 119.wav 130.wav 141.wav  
010.wav 021.wav 032.wav 043.wav 054.wav 065.wav 076.wav 087.wav 098.wav 109.wav 120.wav 131.wav 142.wav  
011.wav 022.wav 033.wav 044.wav 055.wav 066.wav 077.wav 088.wav 099.wav 110.wav 121.wav 132.wav  
001.wav 011.wav 021.wav 031.wav 041.wav 051.wav 061.wav 071.wav 081.wav 091.wav 101.wav 111.wav 121.wav 131.wav  
002.wav 012.wav 022.wav 032.wav 042.wav 052.wav 062.wav 072.wav 082.wav 092.wav 102.wav 112.wav 122.wav 132.wav  
003.wav 013.wav 023.wav 033.wav 043.wav 053.wav 063.wav 073.wav 083.wav 093.wav 103.wav 113.wav 123.wav 133.wav  
004.wav 014.wav 024.wav 034.wav 044.wav 054.wav 064.wav 074.wav 084.wav 094.wav 104.wav 114.wav 124.wav 134.wav  
005.wav 015.wav 025.wav 035.wav 045.wav 055.wav 065.wav 075.wav 085.wav 095.wav 105.wav 115.wav 125.wav 135.wav  
006.wav 016.wav 026.wav 036.wav 046.wav 056.wav 066.wav 076.wav 086.wav 096.wav 106.wav 116.wav 126.wav  
007.wav 017.wav 027.wav 037.wav 047.wav 057.wav 067.wav 077.wav 087.wav 097.wav 107.wav 117.wav 127.wav  
008.wav 018.wav 028.wav 038.wav 048.wav 058.wav 068.wav 078.wav 088.wav 098.wav 108.wav 118.wav 128.wav  
009.wav 019.wav 029.wav 039.wav 049.wav 059.wav 069.wav 079.wav 089.wav 099.wav 109.wav 119.wav 129.wav  
010.wav 020.wav 030.wav 040.wav 050.wav 060.wav 070.wav 080.wav 090.wav 100.wav 110.wav 120.wav 130.wav  
001.wav 006.wav 011.wav 016.wav 021.wav 026.wav 031.wav 036.wav 041.wav 046.wav 051.wav 056.wav  
002.wav 007.wav 012.wav 017.wav 022.wav 027.wav 032.wav 037.wav 042.wav 047.wav 052.wav 057.wav  
003.wav 008.wav 013.wav 018.wav 023.wav 028.wav 033.wav 038.wav 043.wav 048.wav 053.wav 058.wav  
004.wav 009.wav 014.wav 019.wav 024.wav 029.wav 034.wav 039.wav 044.wav 049.wav 054.wav 059.wav  
005.wav 010.wav 015.wav 020.wav 025.wav 030.wav 035.wav 040.wav 045.wav 050.wav 055.wav  
001.wav 004.wav 007.wav 010.wav 013.wav 016.wav 019.wav 022.wav 025.wav 028.wav  
002.wav 005.wav 008.wav 011.wav 014.wav 017.wav 020.wav 023.wav 026.wav 029.wav  
003.wav 006.wav 009.wav 012.wav 015.wav 018.wav 021.wav 024.wav 027.wav 030.wav  
001.wav 008.wav 015.wav 022.wav 029.wav 036.wav 043.wav 050.wav 057.wav 064.wav 071.wav 078.wav 085.wav  
002.wav 009.wav 016.wav 023.wav 030.wav 037.wav 044.wav 051.wav 058.wav 065.wav 072.wav 079.wav 086.wav  
003.wav 010.wav 017.wav 024.wav 031.wav 038.wav 045.wav 052.wav 059.wav 066.wav 073.wav 080.wav 087.wav  
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005.wav 012.wav 019.wav 026.wav 033.wav 040.wav 047.wav 054.wav 061.wav 068.wav 075.wav 082.wav 089.wav  
006.wav 013.wav 020.wav 027.wav 034.wav 041.wav 048.wav 055.wav 062.wav 069.wav 076.wav 083.wav  
007.wav 014.wav 021.wav 028.wav 035.wav 042.wav 049.wav 056.wav 063.wav 070.wav 077.wav 084.wav  
001.wav 002.wav 003.wav 004.wav 005.wav 006.wav 007.wav 008.wav 009.wav 010.wav 011.wav 012.wav 013.wav 014.wav  

hehe, amazing that people still have and remember those. seems I did somthing good back then by collecting them all (it was really just a collection of those loops I found when surfing the net, two here, three there …) there is this internet-backup project which does snapshots of webpages (I forgot name and URL), and the files are still there btw … you have to browse all snapshots to get them, but they are there.

and, btw, I got in trouble a few times because I caused over 90% of all traffic of the artschool where I was a student at that time and where the files were hosted.

and in a more theoretical way about being an artist : there are philosophical discussions about this going on, and a few people say that you should actually share whatever you learn and should not lock away your knowledge because this way you have to keep on inventing all the time. I am actually very much d’accord with this and really try to help everyone and share my knowledge with people I seem “worthy”, because I know this helps other people create art that I can enjoy too.

I love drumatic. It’s the bees knees.

Yo, any other VSTs you know of in a similar vain as drumatic? :P