Finding Some Way, Even If Antiquated, To Export Midi

I have a lot of complex songs on the table for the band I’m in. We just got a bass player, but he tends to be a very theory-based kind of guy in that anything theory related he zooms in but his by-ear side for complex material isn’t nearly to the level that mine is–I do everything by ear, and so far nobody has been able to do play something that I couldn’t instantly break apart into my head. Enough bragging, let me get to the real issue:

I want to print out sheet music of the bass parts for one of my songs that I made in Renoise. To my knowledge, Renoise does not have midi export (if it does and I didn’t know about it, please disregard this entire post and yell at me for not paying more attention with lots of all-caps text, please). I’ve heard people talk about ways of ripping the midi signal from another program, but I don’t know where to even start.

I recently tried Sibelius for notation, but so far, it seems as if I can’t set ahead of time what the time signatures will be and how many bars are in each line (so the metronome will sound right when I’m entering notes live with the midi keyboard) and also place where I want the different key signatures until AFTER the notes have been entered, which it will set automatically once I designate those things in the settings for a selected part: I can’t make a template that has all the formatting and time signatures, key signatures, tempo changes, and THEN enter the notes, the notes MUST be entered first. It’s not like I couldn’t set it for 2/2 so the metronome sounds the same the whole time, but trying to decipher where I am in the song while playing would be a major major pain.

So, if I could find a way to steal the midi information from a Renoise song (once I set the instrument I want to notate to midi-out), it would at least save me from having to enter the whole thing in Sibelius while watching it change to a new line of bars at times that don’t match the song.

I’m going into this much detail because there might be other options for me than trying the whole midi thing. There might even be another notation editor that would do what I need right away. There might be a method that someone knows about to give the bass player the information he needs that would be easier than standard sheet music.

Sorry this was such a long post, but I’m just about wore out in trying to find a way to do this.

Here is a step by step tutorial using Energy XT.…ecordingix2.png

You can print the final midi file with your preferred notation program.

I forgot to thank you for that. It worked beautifully. :)

thanks very much for this wicked tip BS. it works great.

and knowing how it works in ext i can reuse in any other host that has no midi export :D


oh yeah i wanted to say that instead of replacing the instrument (if it’s a vsti) simply put ext in a new instrument slot, then route the track to that vst alias. record like in your advice into ext track by track, setting up your ext as you go (if you are exporting a full song) by creating new midi tracks in ext sequencer and so on, recording one by one. then after you record the stuff in ext, use undo menu to unset that alias back to the vsti it was originally.

you could reinsert the plug and redial in it’s patch but i found i was forgetting the patches and stuff. undo works great for this so we dont have to remember anything. :)

very handy tip mate. can do some wicked great shit with ext. jorgen is a god.

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