Xrns-php Using Windows

Members of the Renoise community are writing some pretty cool PHP scripts that do awesome stuff with the XRNS file format.


If you are a Windows user, you’re in luck because it’s ridicoulously easy to get up and running on Steve Balmer’s pay check:


1) Download XRNS-SF (Edit: Currently at version 1.06)

2) Extract xrns-sf-xxx.zip to a new folder. (xxx refers to latest version)

3) Run get_cvs_dev_version_scripts.cmd to install the latest scripts

4) Start xrns-sf.exe and select the script you want to run from the drop-down menu

The end.


Questions? Post them here. Who knows, maybe you could start writing your own scripts and be part of the kingdom of nerds!

Awesome :yeah:


ive always wanted to look into this,what is possible to "make"with this??

To quote from the project web page:

clip2code: converts pattern data to simple text

xrns_merge: merges 2 XRNS modules

xrns_ogg: compresses XRNS and XRNI with OGG VORBIS

xrns_randomizer: randomizes XRNS modules

xrns2midi: translates an XRNS module to MIDI format

xml2mid: converts a MidiXML file to MIDI format

xrns_searchandreplace: Replaces every occurance of specific note in the song to another one

xrns_microtuner: Tune XRNI instruments using standard Scala tuning (*.tun) files

xrns_delete_unused_tracks: Deletes tracks if there are no notes or commands

SampleToSplit: Auto-magically maps xrni samples to the keys they belong to

Hi Guys,

Anyone else noticed that XRNS songs created with Renoise 2.0 are not compatible with Xrns-php , at least the merger module seems to fail to work with renoise 2.0 songs…

Any ideas ? Anyone… Help… I’m stuck here…

Feedback would be highly appreciated !


Each Renoise song has its own format. I have not seen all sources from the inside, perhaps that some scripts check the Renoise song-version before processing.
If you can find it, perhaps changing it for the new version might get these scripts running again.

were you using the most recent scripts? i recently used merge on a few occasions.

Has anyone been able to merge 2.0 songs with this?
Every time I try it says “Script finished succesfully”, allthough the merged file isn’t where it’s supposed to be… :(

Also read my posts in this thread here. Maybe you suffer from the same problem with too long filepaths.


I tried making the filepaths shorter, but the file still didn’t show up.
Thanks for the advice and for the reply, though! :)

I enabled ‘show console’ and found out that it was due to the files being saved with two different versions of Renoise. Updated them to 2.0, and finally got it to work. :)
Thank you so much for the help! :D