Finding tonal center of chord

I have a chord thats c,c# and b (the b being one octave above the other two) how do i find the root note of this chord?Also does anybody know what a scale of harmonic minor with a flattend 2nd is called?

What chord it is, is totally dependent on 1) what scale/mode you’re in and (sometimes) 2) the harmonic function/purpose of the chord.

Problem is im not sure what scale im in,its a harmonic minor scale with a flattened 2nd

Sorry its actually a harmonic minor scale with a flattened 2nd and raised 3rd

Are you sure that you’ve correctly identified what the tonic chord is? (You might just be inverting a normal scale.)

It’s called the ‘Phrygian’ mode or ‘spanish’ Phrygian due to it’s raised 7th degree & Major 3rd - in A minor > E - F - G# - A - B - C - D# (E Spanish phrygian)

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Ok ive actually found it,i was right the first time (I edited my post) its called the Double Harmonic

Which leads me to believe the tonal center is anyone of the 3,depending on how i use it,thanks for replies,cheers.