Fine Loop Editor

When you have a stereo sample and you want to set the loop points with the fine loop editor, the window of the fine loop editor only shows the gui of only one channel. So it would be nice if you have a stereo sample, you also have two gui’s for the fine loop editor.

I can remember we already discussed this in the past but I cannot find it anymore in the forums. That’s why I post this again.

Pimping the loop editor is on the list since ages, but unfortunately it was not important enough so far. Let me please move this to the ideas & suggestions forum for later…

if you plan setting different looppoints for both channels independently, that will sound horrible.

No, I only meant the visual and control aspects of the loop fine editor.

I understand what you’re saying here :) , but don’t underestimate the creative possibilities / timbres this ‘faulty’ implementation could offer. Theres a whole glitch / electronica genre based on mistakes (tho Renoise drawtool should be pretty sufficient for those f****ers. ;) )