Fine move actions?

I mean like this:

Cursor stands at this line and there the DELAY COLUMN has value D5:

C-4 D5

Now I hit the key for the “Fine Move Down” and it* becomes:

C-4 E5

And a Fine-Fine-Move-wherever would move by just one.

Normal = 256 (just moves a row)

Fine = 16

Fine-Fine = 1

*There would be an all-columns version + current-column-version just like the normal move (actually delete and insert) actions.

If this exists hardcoded or there’s a script already, I apologise. (especially for my inability to find or write scripts).

Maybe I should use a higher LPB setting? But then I get these big empty areas…

There is such a thing in the advanced edit section.

Look for “nudge” under the notes section :slight_smile:

Unfortunately this operation is not assignable to a keyboard shortcut.

oh… cool :slight_smile: thanks!

After you have got to grips with advanced edit, which is worth doing, I have written a script here that may be helpful if you want to use some sliders and buttons. Holding the control key while moving gives the finest resolution on the rotary sliders: