Fine Waste Of Time

new big beat electronic rock song from me and my band, hope you like it.
it’s a free download.

Man this is awesome! Reminds me of old Prodigy (Fat of the Land). The sound really rocks and the composition is great, makes you want to listen again. What rig are you using? Renoise with VST plugins? Virus TI? What is your drum software?

Hi there Tomij7! thank you for your comment!

I use just Renoise and some VSTi’s now. Originally it was composed together with a Korg Radias and a Virus Polar TI but nowadays I just use software.
some sounds of these synths are re-engineered with Z3ta and in this case V-station, so it pleases me that Virus TI comes to your mind :)
The drums are just layered samples programmed directly into Renoise.