Finetune Renaming Shortcuts

Hello and thank you again for the renaming shortcuts, i’m impressed at your response to resolve this issue. Currently I’m still sticking to my tools, because the renaming suffers from a couple of issues.
1)You cannot rename a collapsed track/group.
2)You cannot rename a pattern/section if the name field is not visible.

I think I understand where these limitations spawn:
1)The text field on track is vertical. No way to render a vertical text-input field + not ergonomical to write text vertically. Also, you cannot double-click a track name to rename it either, when the track is collapsed, so this is sort of coherent.
2)No visible text field. No way to visualize input.

If this is the case, I propose these as solutions
1)Collapsed track + rename shortcut (OR double-click on name to rename) -> Expand track, focus text field. (IMO not essentially needed to close the track afterwards, but if it is no big deal to implement, probably would be better. This is doable with the arrow and kbd-shortcut anyway.)
2)No name field in pattern sequencer + rename shortcut -> Expand name field (smallish, fixed amount), focus text field.

The fact that nothing happens when hitting any of the rename key shortcut (OR double-clicking the track name) is just not very user friendly.

I’m reluctant to add lots of special case code (that might or might not introduce new bugs) just for the situation when someone uses the shortcut to rename a track whose name is not visible. I think it’s fair enough to require a name you want to change to be visible before you try and change it, no?

Fair enough. As I have no idea of the work you are dealing with, I can’t expect these (my personal preferences) applied on renoise. I’ll get along with my tools, after all. :) And since this track renaming by keyboard is a very new feature for me, these specific gripes could prove to be miniscule after I get used to using them.

I think my point about user friendliness is still valid, and could perhaps be considered in the future.