Finetuning A Multisample Instrument

is there a way to properly finetune a multisample instrument? I mean, a way to finetune all samples the same amount up or down. At the moment it seems that if I select all the samples in the instrument* I can only finetune them to the same value, losing any previous difference they may have.

I’m asking this because I’m forcing myself to work a bit more with native Renoise instruments instead on relying too much on VSTi. So I wanted to put two bass instruments in two different tracks, playing the same notes, but with some finetune difference.

Any other tip or suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

  • on a side note: is there a shortcut to select them all? I always try Ctrl-A, but with no success and it seems the only way is to select the first sample, keep shift pressed and scroll down to click on the last one.

You can do it via scripting, currently if you have multiple samples selection changes will be absolute, not relative, setting everything selected the same.

Sounds like you are only talking about one of two samples so that shouldn’t be too hard/

You need Focus to be in the sample list first, then Ctrl+A works exactly as expected. Middle-click or Alt+Click on the sample list (or any other area) to set focus.

Well, it depends a lot on how much and what notes I’m playing. If the notes range over two octaves I might need to finetune a lot of samples. Anyway ok, it seems that right now the only way to do it is using a script.

Ok, got it. It’s that my trackpad is actually missing the middle button and I wasn’t aware of the Alt-click combo.