Finish My Track

TODO: Can’t someone else?

MP3 (a reference, in case you are missing some plug-ins):


il looksy

like it.when im home 2night il take a closer look.i feel some lead coming on.


just to show you what i was doing tonight:-)
hope you like where im going.
If not tell me to get stuffed and I will.

Yeah, this is cool.

I like the jittery beat cutting going on, I also like the compressor on the bass, the last 4 bars of kids on repeat gives a nice synth line too.

sweet, i was thinking that now we’v brought the mad pad/synth back in, we can put some lead there along with it.
:frowning: im afraid i dont have the dubstation or that multiband:-( sorry for changing the drumkit track effects, I fiddled with something and messed it up and had to do some more fiddling to get it back again.
What does it sound ike on your speakers? is it too bass heavy? or not enough, ive not really had anyone else play with my monitors, so i dont know if there set up right. Are we hearing the the same thing? Probably not as space and time are relative:badteethslayer:

The multi-band compressor is a free AudioUnit that comes with OSX/Garageband. I might put it back at the end cuz I like the sound it gave. Right now the timbre of the drums have changed a bit too much for my taste, especially in the weird bits (like the tonk sounding part). Basically, I think if you make a bunch of new crazy patterns with new baselines/synths, and we restructure the tune a bit to be less schizophrenic, then tweak it, i’ll be happy. I’m aiming for around 4 minutes, personally.

Good times.


guess what im doing today?

Check out my remix of your track. Download [.xrns]( or .mp3.
Have fun.


Lovin’ the vibe, oldschool but fresh.

I’m remixing this too. About two thirds finished.

Note: that is remixing, not finishing. It’s been fun so far.

I finished my remix and put it up on my Soundcloud account. You’ll find that it has become very different from what it was, although I’ve not added much in the way of new sounds, except for a synth line and an extra cymbal.

Listen here:

I might finish it (mixing it and mastering it properly, making better use of the stereo field and so on) if sombody (anybody) likes it.

EDIT: just realised I actually added two more soft synths.

Cool stuff Sam, the more versions the merrier.

Very different than the original, I’m into it.

I like it too. Sounds very good. :walkman:

jeebus… that’s good…

added a few patterns at the end for you to incorporate anyhow u want.(i reverted it back keeping the original drums).they might give you some ideas at least.

Thanks! Hope to check this out over the weekend, but no guarantees. Schedule is tight these days 'cause of a new baby in the house.

Edit: Pattern 24 and on are great! Will noodle something as soon as I can,

Wow - within 1 second of listening I was like “this is the most NON conner_bw song I’ve ever heard!” It totally and compeltely was not what I was expecting. That is a really beautiful pad it starts out with! I like it. Maybe i’ll mess with it just to see what happens!