Finish My Xrns!

i dont really feel like finishing a lot of my songs. so i decided to post them here.turn the idea into a real song, call it a remix… no prize besides making another song for yourself. so have fun!…04e75f6e8ebb871

it’s complaining about a javascript error, both in Opera and Firefox, so I can’t download :(

it says its only allowed 10 downloads… so if more people want it, i’ll put it up somewhere a bit more permenant

I want!!

here’s another link

also, the mediafire link seems to be working, for me at least

Just in case neither works for people, here it is up on my server (I put a dash in the name to avoid the %20 stuff.)

Try signing up to

I use it and had no problems but I don’t use it much.

It’s Free.

Does the remix have to use internal dsp effects only and do i have to upload .xrns or is .mp3 enough?

anything you want is fine


there is my rassclat take on it.