Finish Them Off!

The other day , I went through my old backup discs actually looking for just one special file.
By that however, I stumbled upon some of my Fasttracker files and well, to cut it short: nostalgy, awwwww, retro times, <3 <3 <3!!1!one

Anyway, there’s still a bunch of unfinished tracks amongst all my trash I found (guess I’m not the only one here, hehe) and imho some really true gems which I wanted / actually still want to finish / to see finished somehow.
For some reason though, I won’t really dare to fire up FT2 or mess around with them in Milkytracker since I also fear to fuxx0r them up completely.

So I’ve got the idea, that there might be some oldschool heads still in here as well, which probably are still messing around with oldschool trackers on a daily basis and are probably interested in doing some stuff with them.

Finally, the mission is:


Here’s a little package with 10 tunes - unfinished XMs bai ze ptracne (11MB)

Detailed tune description:

DEEDEE.XM - anyone remembers “Dexter’s Laboratory”? Based on DeeDee’s theme with vocals ripped out from the cartoon.

GOOD.XM - kinda groovy, acid-ish house(?) stuff.

LW.XM - should have been a remix of a track which my brother made centuries ago. However, proceed how you want.

MEGAMIX.XM - the idea is kinda comparable with the Tokyo Dawn Records D’n’B megamixes back then. Actually, I went a bit Timbaland in this track as it has very remarkable arrangements and sounds included (looking at the sample-banks) here and there which sounds like some stuff which some guy called Keith303 and Kritix did. (both TDR members back then btw.) caugh The majority is still own stuff. :)

RAVING.XM - The filename says it all.

ROCK.XM - dito and teh ptracne trieded teh rock bak tehn!

SCHEISSE.XM - has nothing to do with well known recent scheisse!

SORA.XM - should have been a remake of the Track “Sora” which is part of the Vision of Escaflowne OVA (Anime)

TECH.XM - can’t really push this one in a genre category but my personal favorite from the pack.

TRIBUTE.XM - tribute for what, to whom? I can’t tell. Pretty much k303 samples in here too. Damn, that nerd was everywhere! :P

Well, I’m really eager to see/hear what you peeps are able to come up with!

Make me proud - now!

nice move. thanks for sharing.

Hiya teh traCne de p,

had a quick go through them all and I must say that MEGAMIX sounds very good, especially beginning at 2:45. All the other tunes have an impressing quality for their time, too. I think TECH deserves shorter percussions and maybe some more shuffle, especially the hats would fit better the housish style in my opinion. All in all I’m impressed how well you faked the filter effects back then and you created very nice grooves and nice stereo images with FT2.

Nice work!

Woohoo! Thanks for sharing! <3

I wish I wasn’t this busy :(

Thanks for the praise but… I want you to finish them, argh. :D