Fircomp 2 does not show up in Renoise 3.3.2

I’ve been interested in trying Fircomp 2 (fircomp 2 - Jon V Audio), but it’s VST3 only and does not show up at all as a plugin in Renoise 3.3.2 (Windows 10). There is no VST2 version of the plugin. Apparently the AU version does work fine on macOS at least.

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Works fine here. Don’t forget the VST3 plugins appear in the list below all of the others.

In Linux i have to go to the preferences of Renoise to enable vst 3 support maybe you have to go there in windows 10 also

Yeah I have the category there as well with a few other VST3 plugins, but Fircomp 2 does not show up in it.

Also I do have the VST3 plugins (well, somewhat obviously considering what I just said) enabled in the Preferences as well.

Just to be sure, are you checking in the Effects list rather than the Instrument Plugin section?

Didi you do this ?
Windows VST3: Copy the FirComp.vst3 file to the C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3 folder.

No. Do they need to be put there? I thought VST2 and 3 both share the same custom location? The Preferences panel doesn’t give any indication of this.

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This specific plugin needs to be copied by you in that folder.In windows all vst 3 plugins go there.Put it there and Renoise will see it

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