Firewall Bug 0.o

Well, I was making some noise and opened a vst that had a demo version that only had an irritating startup screen that had two buttons, “purchase and git rid of this nag screen” and “continue”.
I accidently clicked the first one and my firewall popped up asking if renoise.exe was allowed to connect to the internet.
As usual i clicked no, so it would cancel like usual but renoise’s pattern editor screen freezed. Maybe still trying to acces the net, idk.
Anyhow i could save my file. (save as for safety) and i ended the process with task manager. Reopened Renoise + the song and everything is fine.
I just wanted to notice this although I think this doesn’t has to be fixed/can be fixed.

I don’t think that has something to do with renoise but only with the VST, the although the firewall reports renoise.exe as the program making the connection attempt. And the behaviour that you encountered has something to do with the firewall (and is actually something that really p****s me off about firewalls). When a program tries to connect to the net and a firewall is blocking it most firewalls don’t respond “sorry, no connection”, they simply don’t respond at all and you have to wait for some time until the software defines the connection-attempt as “timed out”, which can take up to a few minutes. If this ever happens again just wait up to ten minutes to see if the program is coming back.

yup, thought so. :P

erm, was it the ambience vst effect?

anyway, if it’s not a synth, but an effect (meaning not a vsti but a vst), you don’t even have to use the instruments own gui, so you don’t have to bother about the nag-screen. cause you can controll all parameters (i think) inside renoise directly, you don’t have to route it to an automation device first, like you’d have to do with a synth or similar.

yes indeed. xD
But it’s ok. I could still save it during the freeze of the pattern editor and use ambience so yeah. No probs.