First Attempt At Making Outrun Electro


Thought I’d take a stab on making outrun electro of which I’m particularly fond of.

I’m rather proud how the mix sounds. So in any case my ears fail me, please let me know! I become deaf when it comes to mixing my own songs.

Thanks in advance!

Sounds great on my kindle fire!

The mix sounds very vintage, if you would have said you found it on an old 80’s hit collection-tape and sampled it, i would have believed it. I hope this sound was indeed the intention…

Nice mix indeed. I love the 80s vintage sound you’ve achieved here.

Hahah, great!

That was indeed the intention. ;)

Initiate confidence boost. Thanks buddy!

Much better than 90% of the music from the last 1000 80’s song package i downloaded. :)

Hehe, bold statement, men takk. :)


Very nice indeed… I just started making outrun electro myself and I’m very curious about what vst:s and drumkits you are using?

Myself, I use mostly Linn LM-2 or Simmons SDSV for drums. They work pretty good for bassdrum and snares. But I would like a few more sounds that are lacking…

For VSTs I use CS-80V2, Prophet, Minimoog, Jupiter and FM8 at the moment.

Hälsningar från Göteborg =)

wow, i didnt realize this was a genre of electro, i just listened to a hand full of outrun electro tracks by vincenzo salvia on youtube. if im analyzing this correctly, is it pretty much the structure is two chords over and over maybe a transtion bass note between the two and the chorus is a 3 chord progression? feel is upbeat and ‘driving’ like you could race a car too? I like this a lot, sounds like fun music to make!

Nice work, it definitely has the Kavinsky / Jan hammer vibe.

Awesome track!!
Can’t help but grinning stupidly while listening to this.