First Completed Renoise Track!

Hi all, I thought you may like to hear my first complete Renoise song. Although it has become a far greater project than a simple track.

Composed for a university project. This piece was composed using a variety of software and is a ‘live’ composition.

16 loops were constructed in Renoise, these loops and instruments were then controlled via OSC using TouchOSC and MaxMSP. In addition, visual feedback to the control is offered via processing. Cubase 5 was used to capture all performance audio via jackaudio.

What this boils down to is a ‘live remix tool’. This version of this song could not be created again.

The song itself is a mixture of old & new, to fit the project. Therefore, instruments featured are Kontakt 4, Battery 3, Twin 2 and other freebies such as TB toad and peach.

Dan ‘Forge’ Clarke - Soundcloud - “Stack Overflow”

Please let me know any thoughts!

Respect for making it live so complex. Im not quite in chip tune fan, but its nice :)

For the sake of completeness here (finally!) is a demo of how this was created!

Let me know your thoughts

Renoise Live Remix Tool - Demo