First Completed Song In Renoise!

It needs a clear ending, the fade out is an annoying uncreative way to end a tune, but I couldn’t really think of anything else, the tune was loosing. It can be a bit repetetive, but I’m still learning my around this program!

I’d really like to hear what others think, maybe give me some advice on what I can do regarding mixing and effects?

Also I mixed it a bit low.

yes, surely it is mixed a bit low but it’s not disturbing, as it gives a darker bit to it, which is ok in my opinion.

as for the finishing, I would give it a couple more rounds without the percussions, in a search for some other variations, then maybe close it fading out

Need to improve your composition with various rythm and sample, just think about a litle melody and when you heard it you can’t stop thinking about it in your head a long time.

It almost sound like the whole thing is lowpass filtered :D that’s fine the first minute though as it does make it sound dark and gritty like Alien said, but then imagine if you could add some sparkle, volume and heavy drums to it after a mintue that would surely make it feel like The resurrection :walkman:

Actually I quite like the gritty sound to it, but as said above I’d love if it opened up a bit after a minute, that could be done by maybe automating a little distortion on the bass or maybe just turn up it’s volume, and maybe boost the EQ on the rest of the instruments to give them some sparkle, or turn up the volume up a notch in generel, and maybe add a hollow quiet snare sound with no low end.

That’s a lot of maybes… mixing is very subjective and not easy to give directions on, and I’m certainly no expert so take my thoughts with a grain of salt ;)

Good work.

Nice composition and feel. I would not add anything, stick to your own style. In mixing, I would perhaps try some EQ tweaking, boosting highs a little and maybe the bass drum could be just a little less louder.

Hey everyone, thanks for the advice!

Here’s the thing with the drums. I decided to limit myself to just a kick in an attempt to let the instruments themselves be the percussive element.

I used to be really into Mr. Bungle. I think this had a negative impact on my song writing. It led me into a sort block form type of composition or song writing style. I would always try to put too many ideas into one tune. It led to a kind of disjointed and unfocused sound. None of the work was bad, but each part could be conceived in it’s own direction. Now i’m trying to break this habit. I’m thinking more about taking one idea and just developing it instead. I’ve found the more I limit myself, the more ideas I come up with. That’s why I came with this etude of only using a kick drum. Lets see what we can do without a snare and hi-hat dictating the rhythmic direction of the tune. This is a new way of working for me, but I’m finding that it’s effective.

I’m definitely going to mess with the EQ and take some of your suggestions, thanks a lot!