First ep Guavid - Wathorn Wieib

Hi Mates,

It’s been long time i posted here and i’m delighted to present you my first ep.

i would like to thank Danoise and all the team because i love making music with Renoise, it’s been almost 10 years i use renoise at the heart of my workflow. Everything is (almost ;-)) perfect. I keep seeing demands here and there from the other users and it’s nice to see all these comitments around this program. It finally shows one thing : there’s loads of expectations and users like me who want to keep making music with that software. Thanx again!

Hope you’ll enjoy the ep.



Release date : 05/10/2017

Pre listen :

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Congrat. for the release!

Keep these tracks coming.

C’est de la Bombe!


I think if you could use more accessible harmonies,you could have gold in you hands