First "Finished" Song - Critique Welcome

Hi all,

First post. I’ve been playing with Renoise for a while, but I’m one of those guys who never actually finish a song. However, now I forced myself to finish one, and here it is.

I wanted to keep it relatively simple and cute, much like The Knife often are. Hence the name “kNIFE” (I inadvertently had CapsLock on when I first saved it). The song doesn’t actually have a name. And it doesn’t actually sound like The Knife all that much. Oh well.

OK, so here it is: width=100% height=81[/embed]

There are quite a few rough spots, and I couldn’t come up with a decent ending, so that’s just dicking around there. In all, I could have put way more time into this. But as I said, this was an exercise in finishing a song, not making it sound good or anything.

So, feel free to let me know what you think. Any tips for composition? Mixing? Mastering? Whatever tips you have, share them.

Thanks folks. :)

Hi, I’me nearly going to bed and this kind of track is good for relaxing! Also like the “simple” and a bit minimal style.
I like the ambience and prefer the 2 first minutes. After maybe I would liked a more etheral synth or pad, maybe more melodic and progressive, but It’s just my opinion. :)

Well I’m not that good at finishing songs yet either, but I think this is rather lengthy if it’s going to be like that.

I can’t comment on the mix or anything because that’s one thing I’m pretty much lost with, but I have some ideas for the structure. Take it as you want, just my suggestions :)

After the drop or whatever (~2:50) have a section where everything just gets more chaotic and energetic (where you don’t have the melody repeat) and follow with a way shorter ending, where you repeat the main melody thing that goes on through-out the song and then get quiet and the chord pads go through one last time. Basically, just have bigger changes (added effects or whatever it may be) and variations in the second half.

Either way the “second half” is a little too long IMO.

(btw, in the very beginning there is some Knife-ish vibe, could be just because you mentioned them, but to me there is!)

Oh and I definitely, very highly recommend sometimes just simply finishing the song, because dicking around with songs and never getting around to just finishing them is (to me at least) a habit VERY hard to break out of…

Fun song never-the-less, I hope my post helped at least a little :)

finishing stuff is hard, yes! good job! (=

if this was my track then i’d try to find a simpler and more direct arrangement.