First "finished" track in Renoise

Hi Everyone. New Renoise user from sweden here. Bought it two months ago and this is the first track that i felt was “finished”.

If anyone has any constructive critique or advice, i would be a happy student :).


hey man, liked this stuff, but as something that i atleast can see as “beat music” it should be much shorter…
u can start the outro of the track at 1:21 or something… just my opinion… if u choose to make it longer as u did , bring some fresh ideas to the second part

Nice! Thanks a lot for the advice.

Personally, I enjoy the length and repetition… very well done, sir! My little tip would be this: You do a lot of sample stops -> make sure the end of the sample doesnt “clip”… just put a volume envolpe on it… OR (my own favorite), highlight the very end of the sample and press CMD-SHIFT-O (windoze is CTRL-SHIFT-O I think)… It will just hardcopy a fade to the sample and all your sample stops will sound smoother ;)

Anyhow, nice job - cool tunage! Keep it up.

Cheers from .no

Perhaps you meant to say that the song could use a tad more lead variations to make it more interesting than making the song shorter…?
At least that is my opinion. Bluntly matching a work to a style and telling how it should be done in technical terms is for me a big no-no as it is the artist that is expressing him/herself and makes the artist… the artist ;).

Xerxes: Thanks for the tips, I will go over the samples and clean them up :)

Nice track. I dig it. :)

Nice & chill! B)

Thanks a lot :)