First Full-Length Renoise Album

I’m fairly new to Renoise but I have written in LSDJ and Milkytracker as well as various DAWs.

Here’s my first full-length all Renoise album:

Like I said, I’m fairly new to Renoise, so any tips and cc you can give me would be fantastic.

Thumbs up! :walkman:
I don’t know if i have any tips though, seems like you know what to do with Renoise.
Sound and everything is more or less spot on in my ears, i like the somewhat dirty sound and variation in style. :)

I didn’t like the tiny clicks in “Everything Around Me Bubbles” too much, they sound almost like DC offset and got a bit annoying i think.

thanx for the cc and i’m glad you like it :) and yea, i was having trouble getting a good mix of Everything Around Me Bubbles. I think I know what the problem is now though, so I may just do another mix.

i’m diggin this big time!!! :yeah:

“Psychonauts in love” is great!

thanx guys! :)

Love this track too! :)

:yeah: Lofimat rulez ! :yeah:

What I like in High & Drunk is the contrast between super high speed rythmics and slow pads/soundscapes. I like this effect.
Skeetersnouts is the one I like the most in the retro-computer-game style, I feel like trapped in an old crazy game running on a 8 bits nintendo console.

Liking this as well. Nice work.