First Go At Tracking

Hello people,
As I’m so excited about tracking after using traditional sequencers for the last 7 years I thought I’d share my first attempt:

It was made the day after getting Renoise and without reading the manual, so it’s not very polished…but damn was it fun to make.

Any input from all you tracker veterans would be appreciated.


this is your first ?!@! :panic:

well… wow

like you said it’s a bit raw… but i always like to surf on sinus waves and broken beat bits

polish it !! some variations on the melody mood perhaps. some heavy deep bass stabs here and there ?

damn i love your drum rushes


bloody hell this is immense especially for your first song in renoise :D

lovely tune.
hard to believe you’ve only began using it :)

f.ucking dope toot. i like it a lot.

Wow, thank you kindly for the responses. I’m quite taken aback.

I’ll get working on something proper post haste!

nice1 indeed, and that for a first timer! post better quality/compression version next time.

Tis lurvely,
sounds like you’re having fun :D