First Instrument

just a quick poll following a conversation with a friend - is the guitar the main actual proper instrument that renoise musicians can play - any grade 8’s out there with other musical abilities - hell i wanna know…

I play guitar and I think there are many others on this forum who also play guitar.
Its a very inexpensive instrument and its also easy to learn.
You just have to memorize a few shapes and you are able to play in most keys.


I started 40 years agoo with the piano
this was quit natural as I am the son of a professional classical piano player.


Legend has it that I came singing out of my mother’s tummy after they proceeded with teh cesarean section. So no, guitar wasn’t my first instrument. My first instrument was me.

Trumpet!! Trumpet was my first instrument, i’ve had many good times with it in my last ska-band.
I’ve learned the guitar as well and nowadays it’s renoise only ftw

My first instrument was a Roland MC-303, in 1996. I was 10 years old.

EDIT: I had a simple yamaha keyboard first…

I play guitar, mostly flamenco though. But my first instrument was piano. In elec-music I started programming SID chip with my C64 basic and later machine code. Memorable days…

Yamaha SHS10, DX21 (2 years), then protracker

I also play drums, bass and flute at some degree

bass guitar, followed by electric guitar and drums. still trying to get better at keys.

Synth… then guitar… then ft2… then drum kit… then voice… then Renoise! :D … then synth :P

octamed came first for me; i got a keyboard about 12 years ago but was never much good with it. just started learning to play guitar about 3 months ago and i’m already way better than i ever was with the keyboard. :D :guitar:

I love my MC-303. I got mine in '97. Sure it’s a techno toy of sorts, but it’s still fun to break that out every now and then.

I started with the piano (my mom is a piano teacher), and play it on-and-off nowadays. I also play the violin in a similar on-and-off fashion, and guitar for the past 4 years. Ever since I got on the computer (~10 years ago) I’ve been using it for music - Renoise just makes it so I don’t have to code lots of formulae (though I still do if I know what I’m looking for.)

Timeline: Piano->Computer->Violin->Guitar->…

Chaos Music Composer ‘tracker’ on Atari 800XL:

Does it rock or what?!? :guitar: :yeah:

I played classical piano as a child well before any attempts at creating music.

Beatboxing since 1988.

DSPs supported:

  • Filter with resonance (mmmuuuoooaaaerrrrngggiiiii)
  • Compressor & sidechain ducking
  • Delay (duck delay only)
  • Low-frequency ring modulation (stuttering)
  • Glitch (maybe not so well)

and… wait for it…

  • Flange

Yea B)