First Midi Experience

Dear everybody,

I just connected my td6 electric drumkit to my computer thru an USB-MIDI interface:

At first I was so happy it worked (i’ve got that thing for over two years now and never managed to make it work with cubase) with renoise so easely.

Now I’ve got three main questions:

  1. If I kick my kickpad while Ive got ‘kitreal’ selected a totally wrong key is triggered in renoise. (exactly 12 keys to the left of the original ‘kickkey’)
    I tried the -12 and +12 thing but it wil only change the pitch not the key. :(
    How can I move that interface or my midi device so that it will work?
    (edit: alright I could do the +12 thing and then re-organise every note, if theres a faster way, ill be glad to hear it :) )

  2. When I hit a pad on my drumkit the note triggers like half a second afterward (a little less I think)
    I know (and knew when I bought the midi thing) that there would be a delay but Im just wondering if theres a way to minimalise it.
    Ive got the latest drivers and all.

Is it possible to link more notes to one midi trigger?
For example; in a drumkit there are more sounds for a snare drum, if you hit it softer the note will change.
In ‘kitreal’ are 3 diffrent snare notes, Id like to link those three notes to my one snaredrum, the first for if I hit it soft, the second has to be triggered if I hit it a little harder and the last ones for if Im hitting it my hardest.
Is that possible?

Thanks a lot! :lol:

I’m guessing that you use the drumpads to record notes into the sequencer, right? So I’m a bit puzzled as to why one particular drumkit will output notes at a different pitch, since most hardware will adhere to the general midi standard (try googling for general midi + drum)
Anyway, it’s pretty easy to take any instrument and transpose it up and down, using the advanced edit feature at the leftmost edge of the pattern editor!

Half a second is a lot of latency. Try fiddling around with the preferences/audio, and see how low you can go with your particular soundcard (my own soundcard will bring me as low as 5ms). The MIDI interface can add some additional latency, but still not that much

Not as such, velocity-mapped samples are not (yet) supported. But a simular workaround exist: it’s possible to insert a velocity device on the track that contain your drum samples, then using the velocity to control any other value (such as volume, or a filter…experiment!!!)

You’re welcome :-))