First minimix I've done in a while - Minimix : 05

(chemeleon) #1

All the Chemeleon songs written with Renoise, obviously.

Here’s the 5th in my ongoing series of minimixes, where I spin some awesome Neurofunk alongside my own tunes. This one is a little longer then usual at 14:45, but like usual, is pretty dark in places. It’s also heavy and uplifting.

Video to arrive later, although it’s not the best quality unfortunately, so may do a special video only set.

Track List:

Camo & Krooked & Mefjus - Mandala (Malux Remix)

Chemeleon - Ink

Chemeleon - Cerulean (Demo)

Gridlok - Cybercrime

Chemeleon - Primitves

Signal & Disprove - Choirs (ft. Annix)

Chemeleon - Blue Up

Task Horizon & Neonlight - Enigma Machine

Chemeleon - Animal Innocence

Machine Code - Battlestar

(chemeleon) #2

Uploaded a little later than usual, but here’s a video version (just to prove it was me and not someone pretending to be me) :