First new song in 6 years

Hello, fellow renoisers!

Some of you may remember me, as I used to be a fairly active member of the Renoise community a few years ago. Then I got involved in some other music-related activities, especially playing the bass in a few bands, that took me away from tracking for a while.

Ever since I started playing the bass I wanted to use it in my Renoise songs. However, this song is the first one where I actually did that. It has two bass parts. One’s the actual low bass the other one is the solo part, wchich is played on a bass tuned a fourth higher than standard. All the rest is tracked in Renoise. Since this is my first try at mixing tracked and live instruments it’s not perfectly done, I’m aware of that. But I’m still rather happy with the result and I hope to make more tunes in this vein in the future.

I decided that, since I’m coming back after a few years, I can start with a clean slate. So I’m dropping the stupid nickname and instead I’ll be signing my tracks with my real name from now on.

Here’s the song:


nice to see you back here! and very mature song you did, I like it!

WB! I love the subtle bass action (and bass soloing, there’s never enough of it around!), the drums could use some room to them but otherwise I love the atmosphere. Chilling :)

I absolutely loved it! Really chilled out, relaxing, loved the bass, loved the drums, I could sit and listen to that while floating on a lilo in the sea… excellent.

Nice cinematic pace.

That was cool.

Yeah man I remember you from back in the day. Welcome back! I myself have been away from Renoise until recently too. Listening to the song on Soundcloud right now and plastering it with comments :) Well done!

A very beauty indeed…
Shared it on facebook for my weekly Easy Sundays…

I’m glad you liked it, guys! :walkman:

awesome track , waiting for more :D

I was surprised how good this sounded. Reminded me of Forza -games menu music. Very well composed!

Welcome back!

Very nice track. I like the atmosphere a lot. Mixing feels unfinnished. That being said, great stuff.

Really catching… great.

I don’t remember you because I wasn’t even here 6 years ago, but this song is awesome. I like this trackerish feeling in drums, atmosphere and melodies are soft and enjoyable. I’m agree that mixing is kind of unfinished, but this work is great anyway.

Wonderful stuff; reminded me a lot of some of the cooler moments on my favourite Floyd albums. Thanks for this lovely ride!