First note not playing in phrase in Redux on host start

I’m trying to use the automatic phrase start so that Redux plays a phrase automatically when Studio One starts, and for whatever reason it never plays the first note in the phrase.

Works fine if the phrase is triggered by a midi pattern within Studio One, just doesn’t work when I have the automatic start and stop turned on (the button with the little loop icon next to the stop and start buttons in Redux’s phrase section) that is supposed to start and stop with the host.

Seems like it’s some sort of timing issue. I’ve tried different phrases and none of them work, as the first line is always missed when Studio One is started.

I’m new to Studio One, so maybe it’s a setting I’m missing, but any help is appreciated.

Edit: Using the latest versions of Redux and Studio One, with the VST version on a Mac running the latest version of Yosemite.

That may happen with PDC (due to latency that Redux itself or other plugins in the song do introduce). The start of the playback is then a little bit postphoned, so Redux does not start from line 0 but a little bit later and can’t play what’s on that line. Surely is annoying, but unfortunately hard to avoid.

Thanks for the reply, that’s what I figured. Fortunately it only happens when using that option to follow the host.