First (of several) songs written with renoise


Been having a lot of fun with Renoise over the past few months. Really has been invigorating and exciting, and many many thanks go to the folks here who have helped with their knowledge, examples, tools, xrni’s, and general goodwill :slight_smile:

Finally think I’m ready to share some of these - hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed making!

Interesting and surprising work. In a middle of the track there is a dramatic moment where birds eat horses. Then there are groovy drums and bass with glitchy voices on the background. Finally, it ends with airy piano. Awesome! Is it your parrot on the track cover? Does parrot take part in a record?

Thanks redpanda13! Yeah, that’s my parrot (Euclid). The sounds in the middle part of squaking and screeching (taken from the sample) are suprisingly similar to the sounds he makes - so participation by proxy :slight_smile:

lol that sample… interesting track man

Very interesting track and lots of varieties! Great work! :slight_smile:

Thanks Brain and Lethargik! Brain, very much like that track in your sig - will commet in the other thread. . .

The Birds eat horses? Highly uncanny,where we’re from the birds sing a pretty song, and there’s always music in the air :slight_smile:

Nice track btw.

Very leftfield Edit: Downright sinister :slight_smile:

(Ahhh, wish I could like ur comment 10 x’s instead of just once). See you soon, in the Red Room Murderat0r :slight_smile:

Thanks for the support!!! :smiley: