First Pc Album.. Done In Renoise Of Course ;)

Hey there,

nice to be here, actually i wanted to join this forum since years but forgot about it again and again. However, my first Renoise produced album is ready, maybe its interesting for the other renoisers:

It was done mainly in renoise 1.5 and later 1.8 or something. Recently I updated and am looking forward to use the new version and features (sample autoseek yay!) - its such an outstanding tracker :)

Some sidenotes: during production process, I encountered a couple of problems, not directly linked to renoise but rather to my capapbilites I guess. For me it was hard to get the sound full and warm. I sometimes have the impression, that programms like reason have “built in” compressors in their synths or something similar, as the standard sound output is much more intensive and feels more powerful than with renoise. I am not quite sure, if this is true or how I could improve this, but I am looking forward to the “new” mixer and eq-functions of the newer version and I am also appreciating any hints on this.

Best regards and looking forward to the forum talks,


I only managed to listen half the tracks before going to work but I liked what I heard

Thanks… are you from the demoscene? As DCS sounds familiar to me.

Yes, my ass belongs to Dual Crew & Shining ;)

Hooligan, ah yes of course. Great stuff, I remember the klone demo to be great… and one of your prods impressed some french Atari people back in the days so they did a more or less conversion for ST (aprilfool).

Matt, thanks, have a good flight! :)