First Post, Couple Of Songs

Hi guys, I’m a new registered Renoise user of a couple months. Pretty new to song composition in general but have fiddled with trackers here and there, and cubase. Just wanted to say as everyone can agree how much Renoise kicks ass, and to post a couple tracks. Go easy on me since I’m still new. If you like em, great, if not tell me what I’m doing wrong as it’s probably something to do with mixing :)


I don’t really use samples, just vst instruments ersdrums, drumatic, quadrasid, nexus and fm8. I just use an old school IBM clicky keyboard because my midi keyboard doesn’t have vista drivers :\ - QuadraDemo - a corny song using QuadraSID, I wanna buy a hardsid one of these days. - Critical Mass - Exercise in Automation

Welcome to the forum music is sounding good already, keep it up