First Post In Ages

Hey guys have not posted on this forum in ages hope all is well, and hope the tracking is going well, i am curious as to what firewire audio interfaces you guys are using? i am looking for a portable one to go around and use my Rode T4 to capture some sounds, I also want to record guitar, and maybe some drums. There are a lot of options out there I’m using a Macbook Pro so I have narrowed it down to either the Apogee Duet (but its really limited to its I/O), TC electronics Konnekt Live or 24d, the Focusrite Saffire, Eco Audio Fire, the Motu Ultralite and would really like the RME Fireface 400 (if i could get my hands on a second hand one), just want some feedback as to what everyone is using and any recommendations for me price range is really anything up to £400 I have a firewire 800 port on my Mac but the only device that supports firewire 800 is the RME fireface 800 which is nearly £1000. Cheers everyone in advance :)

hi inix,
i saw you mentioned the Motu Ultralite. I’ve been using the Motu Traveler for three years. it’s got same “engine” and many of the same specs. I’m very satisfied with it. super stable, pro sound, nice preamps, no problems whatsoever :) however, i think the all the brands you mentioned deliver premium stuff, so my guess is that you will be satisfied either way.

just be sure to look online on beforehand for possible compability problems between the interface you choose and certain motherboards/firewire controllers, as this can be an issue on some computers

I was geared towards the Apogee Duet because Apogee’s converters are meant to be amazing but I have that it only has 2 balanced xlr inputs and then 2 unbalanced hi impedance line inputs (i don not understand why these are unbalanced), when micing up a drum kit it is going to be very limited for inputs, also it is really portable to take around, the motu ultralite which is 100 pound more has much more inputs but i do not know what their pre amps and converters are like compared to Apogee’s im glad that you said that you haven’t had any problems with motu before so i am moving towards motu now, btw what are the driver issues like are you Mac or PC because i read someone that motu tend to manufacture more towards Mac.

i’m using PC. and at the time i bought the motu, i was recommended to get a motherboard with a ‘Texas Instruments’ firewire controller, which was known for best stability. i think TI is quite common on quality boards, and for Mac i don’t think compability will be a problem at all :)

you should check out the motu hardware forum:

I have seen an ultralite on ebay which is new for £390 and also an RME FireFace 400 which is second hand for £490 which one do you think i should go for and which one is more portable would you say? and which one would you guys go for?