First Psytrance / Fullon song: Strange Powers

Hi there,

I kind of finished my first Fullon / Psytrance song. Please have a listen and give me some feedback :slight_smile:

Made with Renoise of course. Here is a preview version:

Hi spectralshaper, sound nice to me, indeed we like same genre after all :slight_smile:

The flow is very good, i love the funky baseline and the lead too, just to give you a proactive feedback the overall sound its a little bit blurry, maybe the quality of your uploaded track thatit does not do justice of your production.

Keep it going

Thanks for your ear. I think I have to rework the mix, it is too squashed and the bass is strange. I hope I manage to upload a new version soon! Maybe you can give it another try then :slight_smile:

Absolutely! Just knock the door :slight_smile:

Hi there,

here is a new mix of the song. What do you think about it, do you like it more?

Hi Spectral,dynamically speakingits a little bit better, but i realize that I did not explain myself.

It’s more a question of frequency overlapping and phase; take the first 20 second, sound good… Good baseline and a power kick on it everything gone well until 0:40 when the synth come to the scene and other effect became dominant on the main content, they put back the roots of the track (baseline and kick).

To me seems related to reverb or delay phase, try to leave the synth dry and put a little bit of reverb or delay, add more until its get a right sound without loosing the baseline; maybe a gentle hi-pass after FX help.

Hope its all clear :slight_smile:

Oh ok, that’s what you meant. Hm, I like it kind of washed, but I will try what you wrote, maybe a gate on the main synth’s reverb would do a good job, too. Thanks for listening.