First Renoise Project - Remix Of Jesus On E'S Amiga Demo

Anyone who was ever into music in the early 90’s and owned a Commodore Amiga (or even an ST for that matter) should remember the famous 2 720k disk demo from Echo/LSD which offered a full 25 minute soundtrack of some big tunes around at the time.

It was that which inspired me back then to get into making music (along with 2-Unlimited :rolleyes: ) and after a few years of listening to SlayRadio and the Remix64 stuff, I decided to have a go at remixing the original.

I originally wrote this a few months ago usind MED Sound Studio and then someone on the Remix64 forums made a big deal about something called Renoise - and here I am today.

I managed to import the majority song data using ModPlug player and then just added the VSTs and sample in after, whilst relying on a lot of help from you guys on these forums to achieve what I wanted (many thanks!).

The hardest bit was actually getting the balance of the final mix right, as I’d use some of the same instruments throughout the track (which is over 49,000 lines) and had applied various envelopes in the early part which I needed to remove in the later part to make the sound fit. This wasn’t easy.
Also, getting the volume levels right was tough with such a large song - adjusting it later on in the track meant remembering to reset it after a particular sequence or change it earlier in the song - with so many instruments and patterns, this took a VERY long time to get it right.

Listening to it in Renoise through an X-Fi and 5.1 headphones and then hearing the same song rendered on an iPod is massively different, so to get it right, I had to render the file, convert to MP3, copy to iPod, listen whilst making changes in Renoise (lots of headphone swapping) and then repeat the process until it was ok. There must be an easier way which I’m sure I’ll discover, but experience is priceless.

Well here it is:
Jesus On E’s Remix
and to download (rename without .file extension (saves me uploading twice)
Download and rename without ‘.file’

Incidentally, you can see the original it’s full 1992 glory here:
The original Amiga Demo

Your first Renoise song is 44 minutes?!


epic indeed! i think you’ll be heartily welcomed in the long track 2 project! :>

(would be nice with stream for this. then you don’t need to wait for the download and i usually check this forum from work and i’m not too fond of actually dling stuff from work.)

Excellent with the prodigy influence (Amiga 1200 inside) ! :drummer:

880kb double density, I believe ;)

Indeed you are correct.
It was my use of CrossDOS which limited the capacity to 720k… Ah them were the days… I still have my Amiga Workbench 3.0 floppies - I should frame them or something - seems a waste that they should just be sat in a disk box on my shelf.

Remix64 and Amigaremix has some really nice tunes:-) love the old vibes of the c64 and Amiga scene

Great work.-)

Don’t want to be rude, but I expected a lot more. I expected the old track given a proper facelift. Its not completely not your fault though, I never liked Jesus on e’s track anyway, and now after hearing both versions, I still don’t. So it was 4ch back then, ok, no excuse as the sourcetracks can be done using three the way they were sampled.

That said, very ambitious project and you obviously but a lot of time on it. I for sure look forward to your next works, Amigaremixed in general kicks mules ass ;)

I wanted to keep to the original as much as possible for authenticity, but provide a much better quality sound. I intend to remix the whole thing again from sctatch with completely different sounds so it’s almmost unrecognisable.

Unfortunatley, I can’t remaster for toffee and it kills the track.
I could really use some help with this if anyone wants to give it a go???

I hear that you have used the same samples, only better quality.

The download and stream links are dead :frowning: Please tell me that someone has a copy of this remix that they can upload for me? Please?! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: