First Renoise Song Post

Hi Guys,

Here’s my first public outing, I’d really appreciate some constructive feedback. All Renoise, mainly samples but a couple of VST’s for the synths. Sorry for using megaupload but I dont have any webspace at the moment.

The vocal is kind of bootlegged, call the cops! I’m trying to get hold of a similar vocalist I saw recently to replace this


You also snatched a sample from M/A/R/R/S i noticed (but from who did they snatched it ;)) :)
Sounds like a vintage '90s blend…

Your bass-line seems a bit the underdog in the mix and the freaky lead imho a bit too much on the foreground.

Not bad for a first song…

Hey thanks for listening. I think your right about the bassline but I’m not sure how to make it more prominent without saturating the mix. Any tips?
I also think my monitors are a bit bass heavy (resulting in me trimming the bottom end off during mixdown), they definitely need better isolation.

The sample you refer to is originally from an old hip-hop track called ‘Whistle (Bugging)’, cant remember who did it though lol.

I take the 'Sounds like a vintage ‘90s blend’ as a compliment :D

Cheers and looking forward to any tips on bringing the bass forward

I have not really looked at the characteristics, but i would cut off frequencies at 50hz and up to 100hz balance it out and enhance the 103hz band (the band where bass stores its warmth). But for the rest i think further experimenting is what gives you real good conclusions.
I don’t know what gear you have to monitor your output…

Is that like a general thing? I’d be surprised that every track with every bass sound has this exact same frequency working the same way, but that might just be me. If it’s true this sounds like a golden secret…

I really should just go boost 103 in all my tracks and see what happens, I guess :slight_smile: