First Renoise Song

Hello, I got myself one of those fancy virb accounts and uploaded a remixed and higher-res version of my first Renoise song, “The Haunting.”

Excellent stuff. Great atmospheres and melodies and rhythms. :)

No criticism this time. And as some of you know this is really a miracle in my case. :D

this is a siiick track,love it,nice stuff,it would certainly suit in some psycho computer game :yeah:

Suva and S-N-S, thank you very much for listening and for the good words! Much appreciated.


Mean little track you have there, and indeed haunting :)

Good to see you’ve got to grips with Renoise so well after your 1st composition, well done!

Thank you very much! I appreciate it. After some initial conceptual difficulties, I found that the program really suits the way I like to compose. I did it from start to finish in about three weeks – normally it would take me about three months. I’m doing a song in another app at the moment, but plan to start a second piece in the next few weeks. Needless to say, I love Renoise. It’s very stable and the automation is so easy and unbelievably cool. There are a few things that bug the shit out of me (like having to double check that I have the right instrument selected and the right track so that I don’t inadvertently sequence the wrong sound – but the ability to separate the instrument from the track has a compositional advantage that I hope to take advantage of in the next piece.) Right now, I would really like the pattern view to switch to the current track by clicking on the track header rather than having to switch to the mixer view to select it. Just a few minor workflow things I need to get in the habit of doing. But the pluses of the app really outweigh my minor irritations.

You can tab and shift - tab between tracks. Also double clicking on a position in track takes the edit cursor there.

About the instrument switching.

I once wrote patch to Cheesetracker which remembered current instrument per track instead of keeping it same globally. It was very useful. Sped up workflow quite a lot. Althought it took about a day for me to get used to.

Posted remixed version of song (see edit of original post).

Suva, I’d like to take this moment to say thanks for coming back to this. Very helpful comment. I appreciate it.

took a while to find my way to this track , but woohoo !!

i love these tensio0n kind of moods, overall a cool sound/mix etc. perhaps the ending could be a bit more exciting to add to the feel of a climax.

wooow. what!?

7kilo. Many thanks for your reply. Much appreciated.

The quote you highlighted was Suva’s reply to my comment about the problem of correlating instruments with tracks. It means that if you are listening to a selected track in the pattern view, it will automatically switch to the track you are trying to edit once you try to edit that track.