First Renoise Track (via APC20)

Hi Guys,

I just recently discovered Renoise by searching for an alternative for Ableton. I am a long time linux music hobbyist and have been producing tracks using mixxx, ardour2, hydrogen, zynAddSubFx, amSynth etc using various controllers, I consider myself a controllerist than a DJ/producer.

Just recently I purchased an APC20 just for the sake of trying it, loved it after few days and was willing to let go of my all-linux setup. However 5 minutes after testing Renoise, and my rig/configuration is back to Linux (thankfully). The device routing via duplex works awesome and this software is just what I need to perform my tracks live.

Anyways, so much for my brief intro, I just want to share the 1st track I made with Renoise just a few minutes ago, I used the demo version for this one and recorded it via ardour2 via jack transport.

The flow is pretty basic and the structure was made in a way for easy live playing. Looking forward writing more complicated tracks soon with Renoise, any feedback from you guys will be appreciated, esp. from fellow linux-users, controllerists and apc20 users.

Arpee Ong

Sounds cool, do you have any videos of playing your set up live? I’ve been trying to get something going with launchpad + renoise but haven’t really had much success. It’d be cool to see how other people are doing it.

I like it. Slightly menacing, but it’s definitely got an atmosphere to it.

Good call! I would have liked to try one of the distro’s, if it wasn’t for the fact that my preferred controller (Remote SLMKII) need the Automap software in order to be fully operational. But, I have a netbook which is just waiting to get some variation of linux + Renoise installed, so I might just do it anyway.

As for creative music setups, I basically have two scenarios: one is the “ideaspace”, where I frankly don’t care how good it sounds, as long as there is a direct connection between my (sub)consciousness and the sound that is the result. Could be when doing stuff for myself, or jamming with a friend. I have grown fond of running Notes On Wheels on the Remote, when I’m in this mode.

The other is more controlled: performing, playing (mixing together) something from existing productions. This is not as creative, and frankly, as interesting as the other. I’d like to incorporate both elements when doing live gigs.

i’ll try to record one pretty soon and i’ll post it here. With APC20, what i’ve been usually doing is setup an 8x5 to 8x10 grid (found myself limited to 8 columns for now so I wouldn’t have to scroll sideways to access/solo/mute tracks). My renoise songs are not structured to play by itself, each row may comprise 2-3 segment variations, eg: Track 7 needs to be muted when Track 8 is playing as they’ll play a different notes to comprise more than just a single part of the song. Sorry if that’s unclear, but i’ll try to explain more soon once i get a chance to record a video.

@Danoise, thanks for the feedback, it is always interesting to see how other artists formulate ideas/tracks. Prior renoise, here’s how i’ve been formulating stuff: 8th (white noises in your head) - LinuxMusicians im doing pretty much the same now but I now plan ahead so I could tweak/perform my tracks via apc20 using renoise.

By the way here’s my 2nd renoise track, currently re-venturing with glitch-hop :)/>

thanks for the feedback guys.