First Renoise Track

hello, thought id make my first attempts at using renoise available to anyone here who might be interested. like alot of other people here ive got a background in using more traditional DAW setups but have grown completely bored of them recently. the track is far from accomplished, but any comments/pointers/whatevers are more than welcome.

all the best, christian

sounds good & quite finished to me :) . When you introduce the main beat, I’d make it louder and more prominent/stand out in the mix. I like all the dubby echo’s, and bouncing ball delay style programming. Great first track!

thanks dude :) actually wanted to sidechain the beat to the rest of the track (or at least certain components) but cant quite get my head round it in renoise yet, and im determined not to get tempted back into using ableton/reason to mess around with stuff.

I wouldn’t even go the sidechain route, just add a compressor ( if already present, fiddle the parameters) or simply raise the volume level. But maybe I have a different overall ‘sound’ in my head then you are thinking about? :)

By the way, there are a lot of threads on sidechaining on this forum. It can be set up natively, but I find it rather a chore to accomplish. There are vst alternatives that are much easier to set-up.

yeh sort of wanted the percussion to be grubby and lo fi, and givin it more prominence in the mix didnt sound ‘right’ when i tried messing around with too much compression/volume adjustments etc.

have had a glance at the threads on sidechaining and will have a crack at that when im a bit more fluent with renoise, still tryin to get my head around the basics at the moment tho!

oh, by the way- listenin to your stuff on soundcloud, very MaxMSP… you use that at all in your productions?