First Renoise Track

First of all, this track isn’t finished. I had to reformat and lost most of the data used to make this track. However, my buddy niNja_pWn3d has asked me to upload this here for all you to hear. Him and I talk frequently on soulseek and he says I need to become a part of this community. I’ve always been a lurker here and now I guess I’ll make my debut. I apologize for the tracks mediocrity and I would not have wasted all your time with it if it hadn’t been for niNja_pwn3d.

Any thoughts about the track are appreciated. ;)

Yeah I figured others would like and you can get some feedback… ;) Enjoy guys, I know I did. Halarious too.


you enjoyed his huge what???

sorry, i couldn’t help it.

Dont be so critic on yourself.
I would like it a little less insdustrial, less “metalic”, but its only my taste. I like the rhythms.

Inudstrial dub sounds realy nice. It has nice dark atmo.

HAHAH! Nice I rather enjoyed that comment… lmfao!