First Renoise track

Ok so I’ve always been into rock/experimental music mainly.An ex introduced me to breakcore with Aaron Spectre and Enduser and that and ever since I heard it I wanted to make it.I spent months with cubase and sonar getting nowhere.Discovered Renoise and downloaded a cracked copy (sorry!) and was so immensely impressed I bought the full version 2 days later.So here is my first proper attempt,there’s others but this was the most polished and I wanted to share it.Thanks for reading and/or listening!x

That’s quite slick! How did you do the pitch-bending part?

Looking forward to hearing more of your stuff!

Thanks :slight_smile: I’ll definitely be making more.The pitch bend was just macro sets to modulate pitch on the drums and frequency on the bassline.automating the frequency on the bass parts gives it that kind of time slowing down feel.

Looking forward to hearing more of your stuff!

I second that

Great work man, welcome to Renoise!

Cheers guys,spent some time finishing off another today.My girlfriends left and my nans in tears so I know i’m doing something right.Personally I think it needs more snares :wink: