First Semi-Complete Track

It’s still really rough. I want to add some more groove to the later parts, maybe add another section somewhere in there, and glitch it up a little more. Getting the mix right is really tough. A friend came over and twiddled the knobs a bit, but it was clipping afterwards. It sounded better, but is clipping okay in Renoise?

Thanks friends.

If you’re reading this and think it’s horrible, please post - I know it’s horrible. Tell me why and where it’s horrible and what steps I can take to fix it up.

Avoid clipping if you can. Turn everything down a bit. Otherwise, I can’t hear anything inherently wrong about the mix. I can hear all the sounds ok and nothing is hurting my ears.

The composition is the area that’s in most need of attention, at least by the way my ears understand it. You’ve just repeated the same four chords over and over in different variations of layering. If there was an ever-changing melodic lead over it all, then that would be interesting to me. That, and perhaps some chord variations, even simple stuff like changing the 3rd or the 5th, or adding 7ths every now and then. I like the cruise-mood though :)

Thanks. Structure is definitely something I want to work hard on. I doubt I will make any modifications to this song, rather I will just apply my thoughts about it to the next stuff I make. I’ll keep working on the structure.

The Transition at 0:48 is a bit harsh if you ask me. Kind of throws off the listener. The melody indeed gets a bit boring, I think that could be fixed easily by changing one or more notes in the melody a bit throughout the various sections of the song. The sounds are good, nice and smooth and fit well with each other.

Basically same as everyone else says. Possibly add more interest to the song by changing up the melody here and there, have a breakdown, change it up. My opinion.

Not bad for a first track! :)

There are lots of things you could have done to improve it, but some times it’s better to start a new song instead of trying to fix an old one, at least for me that gets boring and kills creativity.
Just track as much as you can and you’ll learn new things every day, in no time you’ll become an amazing hit machine. :P