First Song Attempt -- Plasticity


Here’s my first attempt at something relatively modern sounding. I consider it kind of ‘unfinished’, and I’m not sure where to take it.

I’m definitely open to any suggestions or criticisms, so don’t hold back! :)




Hi steven,
Just mho:
I like your lead and acid bass. The melody is nice. Just do another variation and it will be perfect.
Drums are too basic for my taste, they should evolve to a more frenetic thing.

Anyway you have good foundations to build an awesome track.

Keep going :drummer:

Im with Arboreal here.
The tune is nice but it takes to long for me before the song evolves. The main melody, bass and drums are the same throughout the whole song, I’d like to hear a little change of some kind after a few minutes :)
Not bad tho’!


Thanks guys for the advice. I’ll try to add a little more variation to the drums and see about the bass–it’s hard because adding a completely new section seems to ruin it, so it’s all about the variations, I guess.