First track = electronic + rock

Hey all,

I’ve just uploaded my first track & thought I’d share it here first.

I started tracking as a kid using Scream Tracker 3, then Impulse Tracker, and only recently have discovered Renoise. It’s the best software I’ve ever used, and creating this track was fun & easy.

Renoise was used for everything, except the drums - these were recorded over the top of the melody using Logic Pro, but there’s absolutely no reason I couldn’t have used Renoise. In hindsight, I can’t even remember why I didn’t :)/>

Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

I really like it. Cool style! The lead at 1:30 sounds sick.

I’m diggin the end. :)

I like the rock feel of the leads and of course the drums. I think you may have troule recording drums directly to ReNoise so your workflow may be the best way to go. It is tough to match a live recording with an entire song in ReNoise (in my experimentation). Maybe a touch more distortion/glitchy/filter sweeps at the end to really accent the blend of electronic and rock.

I followed you on sc, hoping to hear more e-rock. I’m not super crazy about dance oriented music so I really like it when I find something like this.

I don’t really have time to actively promote this at the moment, so thanks for listening & for the feedback :)

Carbonthief: I do have more than an albums worth of material, now it’s just a matter of finding time to record it all, etc. Will happen in the near future though. cheers :)