First track in 15 years

Hey everyone.

I stopped making music about 15 years ago, then about six months ago I decided I wanted to get back into it. I spent that time messing around with Ableton and making 16 bar loops that went nowhere… then I found Renoise. It was like a flash of lightning, and something about using a tracker clicked for me. 3 weeks later I’ve finished a track.

I thought I’d share what I did. It comes with a lot of caveats.

Now I’m a total amateur, my old music (15 years ago) was awful, I didn’t make that much, and I don’t really know how to properly master. I never really share this sort of thing, especially since it wears it’s influences pretty openly on its sleeves, but because I feel invested in renoise I thought I’d share my labours. I’ll probably regret this - but here’s my messy track.

Really good dude.

Thanks! High praise from you - love your breakcore stuff

Normally I don’t breakcore, but I love it, if it so good sounding like your song!