First track made with renoise, 80s house retroheat

thoughts ? renoise is amazing, previous daw was FL


for a first renoise track, great work & welcome :slight_smile:

and I agree, renoise IS amazing

was sooo confusing to learn lol

I feel ya. I was totally lost in renoise for like the first 6 months lol. Once you scale the learning curve, it’s the MOST fun DAW. At least for me :upside_down_face:

such a boost in creativity, i also love using the stock plugins over third party, they sound great

Agreed. Some of the dsp is a bit lacking in options, and I’d love to see a native pitch shifter, frequency shifter, tape delay, and vocoder added, but overall they’re pretty powerful, flexible, and generally sound pretty good to my ears

How do i render a plugin to instrument without it changing the sound so much? I want to try experimenting with fx commands on my synths but everytime i render plugin to instrument it always changes how long the notes held for and doesnt sound the same. I looked around and couldnt find anything helpful

Are you using the plugin grabber? The settings in there work quite well, or you can always make a selection in the pattern editor, right click, and render to sample. Also the render dialog with an instrument soloed, using render selection in sequence. There are also a couple render tools… Samrender and the deliverer

I have been going to the top right where the i have my vst synths at. Right clicking render plugin yo instrument, have i been trying to do it the wrong way haha? Is there a good video tutorial on this anywhere? Im a visual learner im very confused on this lol

Yeah I’m on mobile rn, but if you go to the plugin tab on the left side should be the plugin grabber, click it and it should offer some options for rendering by note, with length, looping options, etc

Can post some screenshots tomorrow if you still need. The manual is pretty good for renoise, so I’d search there too, lots of visuals

much appreciated

ahh i see plugin grabber is what i have been using and thats whats giving me issues with the note length, im not sure what settings to put to make it sound the same as the vst