First track made with Renoise

Dearest Friends, here’s my first track I composed with Renoise. I hope you like it, it was SO fun to put it together. I am very grateful as well to you guys, this forum is a huge source of help and inspiration.

So, this is some electronic ambient music, with samples taken from two tracks I love, and a spray of breakcore here and there… :slight_smile:

Feedback and (constructive) criticism are obviously more than welcome! :wink:


Cheer and good first track! :slight_smile:

I don’t have much criticism to say, your track construction is good with breaks, samples jamming and a solid groovy rythm.

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Excellent! Super props.

And welcome!

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Merci becaup mon ami!

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Thank you so much!

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Not bad for your first track.Keep on working every day and soon you will making wonders


Youpie, a new renoiser joined the party ! Nice first track, some interesting things in it…
I see you loved the sampler :slight_smile: … This is indeed a huge strength of renoise… Once you tried it, you can’t untry it !

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I like it, good work, especially for a first track. Sounds like you already dug into some of the cool sampling possibilities.

Although I will say that you and I have pretty different definitions of “electronic ambient”, haha!

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So, what’s yours? :wink: I’m curious…

It would be the sort of floating, amorphous music of guys like Steve Roach or Brian Eno.

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I see. I know Brian Eno (“Music for Airports” reminds me what you describe). I’ll go and check out Steve Roach. Thank you for bothering to comment my track, too!!! Ciao :wink: